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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 20, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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the united states senate is expected to pass an emergency extension of unemployment benefits for millions of americans after clearin a major hurdle. just moments ago, democratic cart goodwin of west virginia was sworn in by vice president biden. he's going to temporarily serve in the seat that was left vacant by the passing of nart robert byrd. the senate then took off and passed the closure vote in the final vote of extending benefits comes next. is this a big win for the president and the democrats in congress? >> reporter: democrats just got the 60 votes they need, it came right down to that bare minimum. they feel they can now bring much needed unemployment benefits to 2.5 million folks, since june 2. since june of 2008, the congress
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has voted six times to extend unemployment benefits and never in the nation's history when the unemployment rate has been above 7% have these unemployment benefits been stopped. hence why the democrats saw it as a real necessity to continue these. and it also helps stimulate the economy because these people use this money to help buy gas and food and they don't save it and they don't use it to pay down debt. republicans are saying we should pay for this spending. and democrats say this is emergency spending. they now have the procedural ball in place to get this rolling and get these benefits out to people that want them. the ultimate goal is to have final passage of the senate bill this evening, who will then go to the house. and then by signed by president
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obama as early as tomorrow night and the theory is that the states can start doling out benefits thursday morning. >> the senate majority leader harry reid and president obama they both have harsh words for the republicans, but did they know they were going to have enough votes? >> reporter: the republican said today on the floor of the senate that it was also disingenuous to say that republicans were blocking this and that it was hanging in the balance. they said that last week they knew as soon as mr. goodwin was sworn in they would get these unemployment benefits because they knew susan collins and olympia snowe were going to be on board. it's obviously a political move by the white house they feel is smart, trying to cast republicans as stopping benefits for unemploymented, which as polls tell us is viewed very favorably in the country. 68% of americans support giving these employment benefits.
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they say it will help them this fall and in the midterm elections. . >> all right, thanks. did bp drilling rights with libya play into lockerbie prisoner releases? there's still no clear answer to this one and there will be no new investigation after the new british prime minister david cameron meets for the first time with president obama. take a listen. >> we welcome any additional information that will give us insights and a better understanding of why the decision was made. >> in terms of an inquiry, there has been an inquiry by the scottish parscott ish parol -- parliment. i have asked the cabinet secretary today to go back through all of the paper work and see if more needs to be
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published about the background to this decision. >> nbc news national correspondent michael isikoff has been following this. the prime minister didn't call for a new investigation, so sort of response can we really expect from congress no that we have heard these two men say there really should be nothing further. >> there is going to be a hearing next week on the senate foreign relations committee. prime minister cameron is meeting tonight with four senators that have been most aggressive in pushing this, the new york and new jersey senators. and they are determined to pursue the matter, they are preparing a witness list as we speak. focusing on bp officials and british government officials who were involved last year in the discussions about this prisoner transfer agreement. and just to be clear, that was part of the picture that was very much the libyans insisted
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that they wanted a prisoner transfer agreement that would include the release of megrahi, the u.s. government was against that, the uk government originally was against it but after lobbying for bp and pushing by the libyans, the uk government agreed to a prisoner transfer agreement that would include megrahi. now at the end of the day, the scotts say they made their decision to release him not on the basis of the prisoner transfer agreement, but on a completely separate track, compassionate release and that's the grounds on which he was released. so the british government is saying, and you heard prime minister cameron saying it today, look, bp's lobbying on this didn't play a role, the scotts made the decision, they made the decision for other reasons. >> so if there is another investigation, libya will
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probably not send back megrahi, so what's the next step? >> the next step is the senate hearing where we will hear more about what i think a lot of people are going to find to be unpleasant and unsavory lobbying by bp on the british government in order to sign an oil deal. an agreement that allowed for the release of a convicted terrorist. now a lot of people just on its face are going to find that very unpleasant, it could lead, i think so you know fueling more public anger against bp, but also there is another aspect to this and that is u.s. and uk relations with libya, all this was part of the thawing out, bringing gadhafi in from the cold, the guy who was once considered the world's worst terrorist, cgadhafi, the obama administration led a commercial delegation this year over the libya for more business deals
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with the libyans, i think the more light there is on this, the more unpleasant, unsavory those kind of relations are going to look and i think there could be fallout on the basis of u.s.-libya relations on this matter. as we pointed out earlier, during their joint press conference, prime minister cameron offered his thoughts on the oil spill in the gulf. >> i completely understand the anger that exists right across america, the oil spill in the gulf of mexico is a catastrophe for the environment, for the fishing industry, the tourism, i have been absolutely clear about that, and like president obama, i have also been clear that it is bp's role to cap the leak, to clean up the mess and to pay appropriate compensation. >> three months to the day after the deepwater horizon rig exploded and killed 11 people on that platform, oil continues to seep into the gulf as we speak.
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the government says they have granted bp a 22-hour extension to test the cap. and bp will sell off it's pipeline in the gulf. they have to sell it off in order to pay for damage claims and cleanup in the gulf. charles hadlock is live for us in venice, louisiana. what's the very latest? day 92 now, what can we expect to learn from the cap and the seeping that's happening from this? >> thomas, bp would like to keep that cap in place on a day by day basis and that's what the coast guard would like to see as well so far, so good with the cap, it is not leaking any appreciable amounts of oil, we do see some doubles of hydrates coming out, but the coast guard doesn't think that is a significant problem. the cap is holding and they would like to keep it that way until the relief wells are drilled and that could be completed by the end of next week, they're hoping to begin that process. that will take another seven to ten days, so we're looking at a permanent kill to this well,
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perhaps on the second week of august, thomas? >> charles hadlock, live for us in venice, louisiana. thanks so much. >> next on msnbc. >> the defendant is now remanded to custody to serve the 90-day jail sentence. >> and with that, lindsay lohan is locked up. but how much time will tinsel town's wild child really serve? do certain babies have a higher cancer risk than others? it's a surprising new study all parent also want to hear. former astronaut and space shuttle pilot john glen wants to keep the space shuttle flying. john glenn is my special guest. plus, with age comes beauty, why these women are at their hottest right now. ♪ the girls were unforgettable ♪ >> all that and breaking news when it happens on msnbc. boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko.
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lindsay lohan's family rallies around here. albeit her parents have restraining orders against each other. because of overcrowding she's likely going to get out early. gina kim is in los angeles on this. it was a real circus earlier today. a little more quiet where you are now? >> yeah, absolutely, we had -- i would venture to say 50 media cameras out here, certainly more media cameras than anybody visiting anybody out here at the jail. the sheriff's department says she was booked a little after 9:00 our time. she will be given a solitary cell and she won't have to mix
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with the general population for safety reasons. she went to court to turn herself in this morning. she didn't say anything, she basically got handcuffed and she didn't have any resistance, there was no crying, no tantr tantrums, and she was brought over here where as equally smoothly she was put into jail. as you were saying, most likely that 90-day jail term, all of that is not going to get served. and the number one reason is because of overcrowding, they have just such horrendous issues with women charged with murder and assault and so forth. and so she kind of falls very low in that scale and if she behaves well in prison, she would be out, many people are saying as early as three weeks from now, in time for her movie premier in september for a new movie apparently called machetti. >> but she still has to serve her 90 days contesecutively of rehab. right after our jail term
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she will move straight into rehab. i don't know if there will be a little bit of time in between to attend the premier. just when thaw yougt the custody bat -- a six audiotape. in it ex-girlfriend accuses him of hitting her and their infant daughter. gibson has not responded to that accusation, but does have plenty to say about o'clock san san'a. >> mel, you are losing your mind, you need medication. >> you need a [ bleep ] [ bleep ] gold digging [ bleep ] with a [ bleep ] son and i want my child and no one will believe you. >> all you can hear from that is with or of or the. in a place station oksana says that mel threatened to kill her, kill their baby and her son.
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the arizona department of children and family services are investigating. mel and oksana are both expected in court on thursday for a custody hearing. two hosts, one topic, you decide who had the line of the evening. let's start with jay leno. >> it was so hot today, mel gibson yelled at his air conditioner to blow on him or would burn the house down, that's how hot it was. >> not too bad, let's look and see how jimmy kimmel did. >> i think if we have learned anything from mel gibson and tiger woods is don't ever use the phone. >> he might have done the best. i think he got the most laughs on the floor here. so the mystery birth, a british couple left stunned by the sight of their brand-new baby. can you guess why? look closely, yeah, reaction on the floor. plus blago gets ready to take the stand, but first it was his brother's turn and there was no shortage of courtroom drama.
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we are back in three minutes. time for "your business" of the week. three students wrote a business plan for a climbing gym during college, after graduation, they scoured new york for the perfect place, a 100-year-old war house in brooklyn and they launched brooklyn boulders.
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wap. we have beaking news out of reno, nevada. police have closed off streets, they have september a s.w.a.t. team after neighbors reported hearing small explosions or gunshots. you were sent to the house on official business earlier this morning, correct? >> that's correct. the sheriff's office does do evick chuns, we do have deputies who at the beginning of the day get several evictions and they go out and they serve them. at this time at about 10:41 in the morning, our deputies were at 2525 lake ridge shores which is in south reno. they knocked on the door, they did hear a subject inside and at that time is when our deputy called out that they did hear shots fired within the residence. >> and deputy, explain, we're looking at live pictures right now, but the house looks to be in flames as if it was set on fire or something exploded, what
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happened there? >> that is correct, it is in flames. we do have our raven unit up above. at this time, what our deputies heard was something that sounded like a gun fired. without being able to look inside, we were unable to determine whether it was an actual explosion that went off or was it gun fire? at this time, all the windows to that residence are boarded up so we can't even get a look inside to see if we can see any people with them. >> what type of neighborhood is this in reno? >> you know, this is a golf course community, here at lake ridge golf course. this is under reno police department jurisdiction, but our deputies who have jurisdiction throughout the county were just going to do a routine eviction on the residence of that home. >> but an eviction because the home was in foreclosure. >> that information at this
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time, we haven't been able to determine. all i know is that the deputies did have legal paper work to evict the residents from that house. >> what can you tell us about the residents of that home? have they been brought out? >> hen the deputies heard the gun fire, they came out and established a perimeter, and from then on we didn't see anybody leave the residence. we know there was one person in there and that person is still inside. >> and right now everyone there is on scene tries to put this fire out and going to assess the scene from there to try and find out if this person was still in the home. >> we do have our fire department onscene that's putting the fire out. we do have our county s.w.a.t. team and the reno police department s.w.a.t. team who is going to go in to make sure we don't have an active shooter
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still trying to keep us from doing our duties as far as the initial eviction process. >> this is breaking news out of reno, nevada where authorities there went to go serve an eviction notice on someone who was living in an upscale golf course community neighborhood. shots were fires, the home went into some sort of blaze, we don't know if there was an actual explosion or not but we do know that one person was supposed to be inside that home. have there been people evacuated from the neighborhood, sou surrounding homes there. >> we activated our telephone system who called the neighborhood in this area to advise them to either not come home or if you are home, please safely leave the area. >> do you know how many houses are in this community? >> yeah, at this time, i do know there is approximately 100, it's a very nice, well manicured
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landscaped area and at this time i do know that it is the subject -- the fire is only at one house, it has not spread to other houses. >> and the shot that we're seeing right now, we're getting a very small picture of where the home is, so maybe you can explain from what you understand on the scene is the home fully engulfed? or are we just looking at a smaller portion. >> the information i got was is that the roof was fully engulfed. i said we can't see what's in there due to the windows being boarded up, but we do have, we still have smoke coming from the roof of the area and the fire department is on scene attempting to put those flames out. >> sir, i think we just had a still picture a moment ago that kind of showed the golf course green and it's kind of far away, but showing the smoke, the actual plume of smoke and it looks pretty intense that's coming from the neighborhood there, and as you said, the evacuation is going on for homes
3:25 pm
around the area until you can assess the scene while the fire is put out to allow everybody to come back in, correct? >> that's correct. we also here at the ground unit, we have our -- we also are not allowing foot traffic to go in at this time, just due to the area and people trying to sneak in to get a closer look. nobody was in this residence is being allowed in at this time. >> and this has been going on since 10:41 again your time? >> 10:41 is when the deputies called out to dispatch that shots were fired within the residence. >> thanks so much, we appreciate this, we're watching breaking news out of reno, nevada where we're going to learn more about this home fire and bring to it you as we get it here on msnbc. stay with us, we're back with much more right after this. [ children laughing ]
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i'm julia boorstin. the dow is now, let's take a look at the dow, the dow is down 50 points, s&p 500 up over 9, and the nasdaq up over 14. goldman-sachs profits took a dive down 82% from the first quarter. the investment bank says that a 5$550 million settlement for fraud took a big toll. new home construction also took a hit in june as the housing market continues to struggle. the commerce department says housing starts fell to an eight-month low last month, dropping 5% to 549,000. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. thomas back to you. we're going to continue to follow the breaking news out of reno, nevada, police have closed off streets there, after neighbors reported hearing several small explosions or
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gunshots, the home is reportedly in foreclosure and when the deputy sheriffs went there to serve an eviction notice this morning, they were met with gun fire, neighbors saying they heard some type of small explosion, as we can see it from this view is engulfed in flames. authorities are saying they believe one person still is inside that home. it's a more upscale neighborhood in southwest reno, a golf course community where we understand there are over 100 homes in the area, they have been evacuating certain residents, closing off foot traffic going into the lake shores community there. this all happened about 10:40 a.m. reno time. the deputies, when they were trying to serve this notice to someone who was living there, the home being in foreclosure, there was an eviction notice and this is what took place. uncertain of whether or not there was any type of explosion or if this man had rigged the home himself. we spoke to a deputy sheriff who said there were windows on the home that were boarded up. they're still waiting to get
3:31 pm
inside the home to find the one person they were trying to serve eviction notice to. but we don't know if it's for certain whether it was some type of explosion or gun fire or fireworks, we're trying to effort getting a neighborhood on the phone. this is happening in reno, nevada where a s.w.a.t. team at the lake shores community has gone in to help and evict someone and this is what took place, the house exploding and now in flames. we'll continue to follow that story, bringing you the most information as soon as we can get it right here on msnbc. we shift gears to go back to washington where the senate intelligence committee is holding confirmation hearings right now for retired general james clapper. president obama nominated general clapper to head the defense -- clapper is expected to say how he would streamline
3:32 pm
the intelligence communities 16 different agencies. there's more shocking revelations about america's intelligence agencies. up to one-third of the entire intelligence workforce is now being outsourced. the post reports it uncovered a system drowning in bureaucracy and dependent on outside contractors, including almost 2,000 companies involved in top secret operations. u.s. intelligence agencies have handed off such sensitive tasks such as the killing of enemy fighters, war planning and espionage of foreign governments. anna shoe is a senior member of the intelligence committee and chair of the subcommittee on intelligence community management. mike surer is the head of the former cia's bin laden unit. you issued a statement earlier today claim the intelligence community fights tooth and nail against having the general accounting office conduct an
3:33 pm
audit of their staff and facilities in the positions that you hold and have the oversight that you do, why do you say that? >> i came to the conclusion that we, we at the intelligence committee needed to have the general accounting office in order to go into the community to secure the exact kind of information by investigation that thank goodness dana priest and her associate did and is being published in the "washington post." so from my standpoint, congress is, a, responsible to do effective oversight. we have to have the necessary tools in order to do it. and not an easy thing to accomplish. one would think it would be simple, a no-brainer. but i really thank the reporters, because even though there is so much that is secret, i believe the american people need to have accountability for their tax dollars. and it's next to impossible to
3:34 pm
do unless we are able to do effective oversight. when you have 50,000 reports, one out of three employees being contracted, contracting out our national security. and the secretary of defense not even being able to give an answer on some of these things, i think that there are many things that are wrong, even though there are so many good people working to protect the country. we need to get socks on this octopus. >> i don't mean to interrupt, you also said rips the veil off of the problem. did you suspect there were problems always along? >> absolutely, and from the inside, i have been doinged about bringing down the number of people that are employed at the director of national intelligence apparatus, accountability on contractors, and on a whole host of things,
3:35 pm
on security clearances, but there is something that seems to stay the same regardless of which administration it is. and, again, i think that, yes, every administration has responsibility, but i think the congress of the united states has to assert itself. and i don't think congress has been as assertive as it should be and the gao provision that i offered, which passed on the floor of the house is yet another example of i think what we need in order to do what needs to be done. >> congresswoman, we thank you for your time and we wish you the best of luck getting through all this. and michael, what's your reaction of hearing the congresswoman talking about this know what's going on from the inside out. >> she kind of sounds like a female claude rains, doesn't she? that she's shocked. intelligence community is a
3:36 pm
creature of the congress and the president. it is as big as it is,s the as bloated as it is, it is as expensive as it is because that's what the congress and the president wanted. not because the intelligence community wanted it, it's because the congress and the president wanted it. she's a little late getting on board this train. how can the country actually be prote protected, really be protected with efficiency and transz parns si. >> well, the intelligence community is an enabler. it enables the u.s. military to kill the enemy. we have put as much money and as much people as we can into the intelligence community, perhaps as much as we should. the information is available to kill as many of the enemy as we need to until the output end of this process, the killing end of it is cranked up and we kill the enemy to convince them they don't want to attack us anymore. then you can spend all the money
3:37 pm
on earth on intelligence and it doesn't do any good, sir. >> i want to go ahead and thank the congresswoman anna schoo. and i also want to thank you for your time today. the waiting game is on for governor rod blagojevich. today his brother robert is still taking questions from prosecutors. rob denies that he ever took money for rod's campaign. now to some potentially troubling news on the medical front. there's a new study published in the journal pediatrics showing children conceived using ivf have a slightly higher risk of developing cancer than children conceived naturally. now the report conducted in sweden, it's the largest study yet on the issue. it involved the date to of more than 26,000 children born via
3:38 pm
ivf between 1982 and 1995. the higher cancer rate may have nothing to do with the ivf procedure and that the risk for children is actually very low, but it's something to debate. dr. thanks very much, what is your first reaction when you hear about this study. >> actually this is a very notable piece of research. for some time now, there's been speculation interest in what the long-term consequences of ivf may be for the offspring and to now have a study of this magnitude out of very high quality group of researchers gives us new insights in terms of the potential risk that might be there. >> all right, so what should ivf babies now who are roughly 27 years old, if anything, do with this information? >> basically given the findings at this point in time, i see no reason whatsoever to recommend
3:39 pm
that they have any different follow-up medical surveillance of any other person in the general population, just a strong recommendation that they follow general health practices and typical cancer screenings that are typical for their age. >> is there anything about the ivf process that could lead to a higher risk of cancer and if so which part? >> at this stage, i'm not aware of any, in fact the findings from this study would suggest that the excess that's observe is real, then you would have to look at a mechanism that impacts on a broad spectrum of different types of tissues and different types of cancer, since there really wasn't a predominant type of mag leg nancy that we're seeing. >> certainly a miracle for a lot of parents out there. so this is interesting for a lot of people to know for generations past and generations future. up next, american letting john glenn joins us live, he's
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welcome back, lindsay lohan's newest mug shot. lohan reported to jail to serve out a 90-day sentence for violation of probation. s she is in jail right now. it was 41 years ago today that america stopped and watched one of the most remarkable moments in history. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap more man kind. >> pretty school stuff, neil armstrong taking man's first
3:44 pm
steps on the surface of the moon on this day in 1969. the apollo 11 moon shot would never have been possible had it not been for the earlier heroics for men like john glenn. john glenn flew apollo 7 on the first-ever manned apollo mission. the future of the u.s. space program is up in the air, and sir, it's great to see you, great to talk to you again. the president says the country really can't afford to do it, so what came of your meeting with him. >> he's devoted to a strong space program. he says that and i certainly believe him, our differences are just on how we get there. i don't want to shut the shuttle down as president bush proposed way back to save some money. but we have $100 billion invested in the space station where we can do research that will be good for everybody right
3:45 pm
here on earth with all the things we can looking into on the space station. it's the most unique laboratory every put together. and we have had the shuttle as a way of getting back and forth. now what is being proposed to shut the shuttles down and not have anymore of those and pay the russians, have our astronauts go over there to put our people up in space and bring them back down. that will be somewhere five years, maybe eight years something like that that we would have to do that and i just disagree with. we have $100 billion invested in the space station. the other thing it does too, it cuts out the things like the control center, the launch crews t people that are experienced and highly technically trained people and it cults all that people out of the whole program here and we can't have them sitting around for five years doing nothing. there won't be any space program at all. >> you say you support the shuttle.
3:46 pm
but explain the so-called heavy lift rocket that would ultimately replace the shuttle. >> heavy lift we would need for keeping the shuttle. the shuttle is the only vehicle in the world including the russian vehicles that will put up a heavy lift, put up a many tons lift. the soyuz vehicle that our personnel will be going up on, will only hold three people and about 120 pounds of payload beyond that, which is just nothing, of course. and so what we're doing is committing ourselves to russia where we have always had a backup before, and it means if we're over there on soyuz, and if we have a problem on soyuz, we have no back up. the president is committed to a strong space program and i am too, we just very much differ on how we get to that future. >> and for the space program, tell me what you see as the next great mission for nasa, is it to
3:47 pm
go to mars? >> i think eventually we'll do that, i don't think it's in the next couple of years, we have to build up the mars vehicle, we have to do research, we have to have robotics to mars. the thing i want to see is what we have already invested $100 billion and that's doing the maximum amount of work on the space station. and we have our own vehicle. and what's more too, the russians are charging us for this. it's going to be $55.8 million for each of our astronauts that the russians put up and we'll have six persons on the crew, we'll have a crew change, i suppose twice a year, so that comes out to somewhere close to $700 million we'll be paying the russians just to put our people up every year and bring them back down again, i would rather see that applied here, keep those jobs right here in our own country and do our own launching from this country and keep our launch crews, our control center crews, those people in business too because we need them for the long-term future. >> sir, on a really extremely
3:48 pm
light note, are we ever going to see you put on dancing shoes like buzz aldrin? >> no, no. i think this is the 41st anniversary. >> it is. >> so that was a great step that day, i remember it very well. >> sir, great to talk to you, senator and astro nault john glen. >> up next our fast erts three minutes of news, who says you can't look at playboy at work? plus the age of beauty, when are women their most beautiful? details in a new survey that may surprise you. ♪
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so you only need to sfep step outside for a sec to
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remember we're smack dab in the middle of summer. but get this. s show the hot temps could stretch far boo the fall. the weather channel's chris warren joins us now. i feel your pun. what can we expect? >> i want to give you an idea of what's going to be happening, as we head into august, generally an upper level ridge. we have the jet stream cruising down from the northern plains into the great lakes. anything below that we're seeing warm temperatures. so that's what we're looking at in august. we're going from an el nino to a la nina. the blue you can see in the south and southeast cooler than average. possible tropical activity will keep things cooler. this is your august forecast. now as we head into october, notice, la nina taking place. cooler waters in the pacific. more storms in the northwest and california. look at the big ridge, thomas. throughout much of the east.
3:53 pm
that's why we're going to see warm temperatures persisting through october. >> if you really want to see me sweat, watch this. the fastest three minutes of the news. why "playboy" is putting clothes back on. are you ready? an oil spill rescue off the coast of china. these photos of a worker being rescued from drowning in crude oil today. a pipeline explosion on friday triggered a major offshore oil spill. look at that poor guy. next to greenland. a trio of face jumpers recorded their fete from cameras on the ground and their helmets. in britain a birth stumping the experts. a baby with white skin and blond hair are born to the family. they named the little girl --
3:54 pm
meaning beauty of god. mpbl an investigation into this video of a donkey parasailing. the amateur video shows men attaching the harness and the animal. the animal was in shock, but it survived. that's just mean and cruel. next stop, france, where air travelers are stranded as air traffic control workers go on strike. they're protesting the merge into the european system. that is pretty quiet for a motorcycle. but this bike has plenty of power, going from zero to 60 in 5 seconds. the city of miami wants to give them to city workers. which i'm sure they would love. it could be a great year for all of these hollywood starlets. what do they have in common? they're all 31 years old. a new survey shows that's the exact age when women are viewed as the most beautiful.
3:55 pm
this research comes from kooufz, whose key demographic happens to be women in their 30s. but 31. they're all looking good. watch out for prime time tv this season. networks given the go ahead to really let use on you. a federal appeals court dismissed the fcc ban on profanity, nudity and sexual content in television shows. speaking of, "playboy" without nudity may sound odd, but that's the motto for a work friendly playboy website. it promises to keep the content very clean. it's all about the articles anyway. why collectors are a buzz over this discovery. the oldest drinkable champagne in the world. divers found the 200-year-old cases in a ship wreck in the baltic sea. there's about 30 bottles that will sell for $64,000 eat. i did enjoy drinking the
3:56 pm
beer cold during the world cup. i enjoyed it so much that when i watched germany, i cheered for them. the beer is effective. >> keeping with our alcohol theme. that's british prime minister dave cameron at the white house with a ringing endorsement for president obama's beer. he said the american beer is served chill -- oh! darn it. all right. that brings us down to the wire. it's a bigger game for me than everybody else here. where were the boos? no boos. that's it. i'm thomas roberts. "the dylan ratigan show" is up next. the senate passed an extension of jobless b lesless benefits. he is going to talk to allen gracen from florida. [ dealer ] during the autobahn for all event,
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